Tired of all this “Woke” BS…

Hello friends.

Well, 2020 is history. And 2021 looks a bit better. That’s not saying much.

Don’t know about you, but I’m tired of all this “woke” bulls*t. And all of a sudden, everything is RACIST! Another little crock.

So I spent the year creating a new album. My first since The Conspiracy Project. It’s inspired by the events of 2020. Not all bad. But enough to satisfy even the most depressed of us. But there is hope.

At this writing, there is a backlash starting to happen. Yay! Some people are as fed up as I am. And they are speaking out. FINALLY!

My new album is called, UNHINGED. Got 8 songs done and already have the videos on YouTube. 2 more songs and the album will be ready for release. I’m guessing about a month or two. Better say two.

And along with it I’ll be creating an online course to show how I produced the whole damn thing. Wow! What a year, so far.

That’s all. More to come.

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