Aug. – New Project!

Well, apparently we've been so busy we haven't posted any news in a while. So here's what's happening: No, not the pandemic—this is good news.

Neal is working on a project that will take about a year to complete. It involves new music, new sounds, and video of the entire creative process. Stay tuned as there will be an announcement soon…

Jan. – New weekly series on YouTube — Notes from the Cuckoo's Nest

Raw, unfiltered, uncut news from around the globe that you won't find anywhere else! (Okay, it's all over the place. But not like this.)


March 4 – Grand Opening of our store

New items being added all the time. Posters, mugs, shirts, CDs, DVDs, MP3s. All on sale till March 18.

Feb. 7 – Another Official Selection for Neal's human rights music video - You Have The Right.

Starting the year off right. That makes 10 Official Selections in film festivals and a couple of awards.


Dec. 11 – Uncle Neal's Neighborhood presents: Episode 4, the Holiday Episode! 

There are plenty of laughs in this special episode as Neal brings back his animated characters—the Squeegee Brothers—and premieres his new Christmas song, "(I Want More) Stuff"!

For those of you who like his serious side, it also features Neal's song, "Maybe This Time (There Will be Peace on Earth)." A true Christmas song, in sentiment.

Cheers, and have a wonderful holiday.

Nov. 14 – Two more nominations for "You Have The Right."

Neal's animated music video about human rights has just been nominated for two awards in the Orlando Film Festival.


Nov. 6 – Excellent interview on TLBTV (The Liberty Beacon TV)

On November 6, Neal Fox was a guest on Bill Muckler's show, The American Vision. Bill is a businessman, web TV host, and author of 20/20 A CLEAR VISION FOR AMERICA. Watch Neal's interview here.

October 2018  – Uncle Neal's Neighborhood Premiers on YouTube!

If Soupy Sales, George Carlin and Monty Python made you laugh, you have to check out the new YouTube series, "Uncle Neal's Neighborhood." It's got all the elements of a great variety show: humor, music, animation, and, of course, it's host—Neal Fox! Watch it now. And don't forget to subscribe!  "Uncle Neal's Neighborhood."

August 2018  – New music video about human trafficking released.
"My Special Girl," is now on YouTube. "This was the hardest music video I've ever done. But the subject needs to be confronted. We can put a stop to human trafficking." - Neal Fox

March 2018  – Come see  Neal Fox's "You Have the Right" at the Sunscreen Film Festival!

"You Have the Right" is an Official Selection of the Sunscreen Film Festival. It will be shown at the AMC Sundial 20 theatres, in #7, on Saturday, April 28, as part of the Animated Adventures film block, from 2:00-3:45. The address is 151 2nd Avenue North, St. Petersburg, FL 33701. Neal will be available for the Q&A after the screening. Hope to see you there!

Sunscreen Film Fest

March, 12 "You Have the Right" is an Official Selection of the Gasparilla Film Festival!

Neal Fox's animated human rights music video, "You Have the Right," will screen at the Gasparilla Film Festival this month as part of the On a Mission film shorts block. "You Have the Right," will be seen at 4:30, on March 23, at the AMC Centro Ybor Theatre #5, 1600 E 8th Avenue, Tampa, FL 33605. If you're in town for the festival be sure to check it out and vote for audience choice.

Gasparilla Film Fest

Jan. 20 — Announcing the first new release from Neal Fox in three years! An animated human rights music video for his song, “You Have the Right.”

Human rights are key words in the news these days. War. Slavery. Abuse. Human Trafficking. Many people don’t know what human rights are, much less understand that they actually have those rights. They are “inalienable” (not dependent on the laws or customs of any particular culture or government; they cannot be repealed or restrained by human laws). In this country (the U.S.) we take them for granted. Unfortunately, suppressive countries ignore those rights. The way to take topple those governments is for all people to be educated in their rights. And that’s what this song is about—freedom for all.

The music, the animation, the lyrics, create an atmosphere so powerful and uplifting it pulls you in from the opening line: “You have the right, to believe what you believe, you have the right…”

This video is for you. It is for everyone. Watch it. Share it. Live free.
"You Have The Right"

2017 News

Jan. 10— Just released. The first episode of Neal's animated short series, "HAT."
A man gets a text message from his hat: "We need 2 talk."
It all takes place in Paris, France.

Check it out and don't forget to subscribe to Neal's YouTube channel.

BREAKING: Episode 2 - "Sex" now released! See them both at the YouTube channel link above.

2016 News

BREAKING: Due to recent events, the Conspiracy Project is now being made available for free. The purpose of the project is to get important information out to people in a way they will be able to have.
It uses entertainment to get as a way to reach people who ordinarily don't watch documentaries or read books on the subject.

Visit for more information.

— To date, the Conspiracy Project is an Official Selection in 8 Film Festivals and has won several awards and been nominated numerous times.

Nov. 16— Neal's music videos came in 1st and 2nd at the ARTLightenment Art and Film Festival. "How The Game Works" won 1st prize, and "Ask Your Doctor" won 2nd.

The videos can be seen at Neal's YouTube channel:


2015 News

A new web site for The CONSPIRACY Project is under way. Stay tuned for more info and launch date.

June 27— 6:30 p.m.—Free screening of The CONSPIRACY Project at the Clearwater Center for the Arts, 621 Cleveland Street.

June 6-7—Meet us at the Pasco County Libertarian Convention at the Quality Inn, 5316 US Highway 19, New Port Richey. We’ll have a table for The CONSPIRACY Project and Neal will autograph DVDs. 10% discount for convention goers.

May 5—Interview on the Mark Skoda Show, Big Dawg Music Radio.

May 2—The CONSPIRACY Project had its first public screening at the newly opened Clearwater Center for the Arts.

March—The CONSPIRACY Project is an official selection of the Fort Meyers Film Festival. The unconventional nature of this documentary had festival director, Eric Raddatz, fighting to have it included. "Every conspiracy is fair game in the brilliantly composed and wildly edited musical shock doc by Neal Fox. It jumps from genius to insane and then back again." They wanted edgy. They got it!

Jan/Feb—Indiegogo campaign raised enough money to produce The CONSPIRACY Project DVDS. Only $19.99, including a FREE CD of the 17-song soundtrack. Get them here.


2014 News

On December 6, we held the first private screening of The CONSPIRACY PROJECT. The reaction was overwhelmingly positive. This one-of-a-kind documentary in song, will give a boost to the freedom movement as it is inspirational, educational, entertaining and motivating. The CONSPIRACY PROJECT rekindles the spirit of freedom, liberty and prosperity in America.

To get onboard this freedom train, sign up for Neal Fox's mailing list—get plenty of free stuff—and find out when the next screening, or release, will take place.


After two and a half years the film, The Conspiracy Project, is finally done! We are going to have a private screening for a small group of people on December 6. It will be the first time anyone will see the film, except for Neal's family and a few people who have been supporting the project since its inception. It's exciting and nerve-wracking.

2013 News

Neal Fox Goes Off the Hook in an Interview with Lisa Mei Norton on Big Dawg Music Mafia

Lisa Mei Norton does a great job interviewing Neal in this episode of Off the Hook and After Burner, on Big Dawg Music Mafia. Enjoy it. [June 14, 2013]

CONSPIRACY EP  - Now Available
Purpose of the project: To bring awareness to various subjects or causes that mainstream media ignore, or misrepresent, or make light of.
The three songs are: 1. How The Game Works, 2. Two Planes — Three Buildings, 3. What They Gonna Do To You, and the EP is available now on CDBaby, iTunes, and Amazon.

The three songs are:— 1. How The Game Works, 2. Two Planes - Three Buildings, 3. What They Gonna Do To You,
and the EP is available now on CDBaby, iTunes, and Amazon.

CONSPIRACY PROJECT - The fifth teaser:  Blood on the Horizon
It took about a year to create the music but now it’s done and Neal is moving on. Phase Two: the videos. Since this part will take a lot longer, this will be last of the video messages. A dark and mysterious song... " see blood on the horizon...”

CONSPIRACY PROJECT - The fourth teaser: What They Gonna Do to You
The Patriot Act, and changing policies that infringe on our rights—all done to supposedly protect us and maintain our freedom—led Neal to write this warning. Take action or find out too late, “What they gonna do to you...

CONSPIRACY PROJECT - The third teaser: I Should Have Done Something
Regret is something we all experience at some time or another. But when it comes to freedom and the fate of your country, this is a burden you won’t want to carry. Neal’s lyrics nail it. Listen to this video clip and maybe you’ll never say, “I should have done something...

CONSPIRACY PROJECT - The second teaser: There’s A Darkness
Get onboard the truth train—or at least check out another point of view—with this new song sample from Neal Fox’s CONSPIRACY Project. “There’s a darkness when they’ve got your soul to keep...”

CONSPIRACY PROJECT - The first teaser: They’re Lyin’
The first people to hear the music from the Conspiracy Project—as it’s created are— Neal’s fans. Only snippets of songs are being released to the public in these secret message videos. Here’s the first one. Watch it till the end. 🙂

5 STAR REVIEWS for It’s Weird to Grow a Beard! And now it’s a NOOK 🙂
We’re happy to announce that reviews are starting to come in and the average rating is 5 stars! One book blogger wrote: “I love to read silly books with my kids and this fit the bill completely.” Shop for the Kindle at, the paperback at, and now it’s available for the Nook! Buy your copy now and make some kids happy!

Watch the book trailer for IT’S WEIRD TO GROW A BEARD
Parents and children are loving this book. Watch the trailer to see what makes it so kid friendly. Watch it here.

It’s Weird to Grow a Beard is a collection of illustrated children’s poems by Neal Fox. It’s his first children’s book since he collaborated on the Confetti Company series in the ‘90s. The book is available in Kindle format and paperback.

2012 News

Two new music videos released the last quarter of 2012.
Neal's first Christmas song, "Maybe This Time (There Will Be Peace On Earth)" and a 9/11 tribute called, "Epilogue (Love Grows)". Both songs are available on iTunes, CD Baby and

A children's poetry book (no title yet) written and illustrated by Neal is scheduled for release in the last quarter of the year. The illustrations will also be available for purchase.

Neal's video about the Federal Reserve - "F**k The Fed" - has just been accepted into the Toronto Independent Film Festival which runs from September 6 through the 16th. This is the 3rd Film Festival to accept this film. Neal won awards for the first two.

New web site,, created specifically for Neal’s art projects. First series of art prints titled, Conspiracy.

Special Valentine’s Day video of love song dedicated to Neal’s wife of 41 years. It’s a song for all lovers that will melt the heart. Share it with a loved one. It’s called: “You”

In 2013 Neal will reveal an expansion of Conspiracy—a unique project consisting of art, videos and live performance. This project will take the rest of 2012 to create. There will be a CD/DVD package and prints for sale.


2011 News

Special guest appearance at the Save America Convention with screening of F**k the Fed. Notable speakers were Sheriff Richard Mack (Oath Keepers), Judge Andrew Napolitano, and G. Edward Griffin.

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America screens in the Downtown Boca Film Festival.

The Life and Times of Satchel Tomain screens at the Downtown Boca Film Festival.

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America wins Best Documentary award from Artists for a Better World.

Premier exhibit of EXPOSED: the Art Project at the Barry Gross Gallery with Neal’s themed videos: Creation (spirituality), The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America (social commentary), Angel (metamorphosis), and Would You Take a Chance on Me (time and chance).

Wrote and recorded “I Am Free” for the Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights for their campaign against labeling and drugging kids (with Ritalin, Prozac, etc.).

Emcee and performer at LibertyFest NYC at Club Amnesia. Notable guests were Adam Kokesh, Sheriff Richard Mack, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Jordan Page.

On 10th anniversary of 9/11, film shoot of Ground Zero for a video of, “Epilogue (Love Grows).” Dedicated to the families of the victims, the First Responders, and the new generation, Epilogue shows how, even after the worst tragedies, life persists.

2010 News

Neal joins figurative artist, Barry Gross, and photographers Prescott MacDonald and Adela Holmes in multimedia artist collaboration, EXPOSED the Art Project. The groups purpose is to bring awareness to social issues.

Gross’s figurative paintings are in many well-known collections such as those of Burt Reynolds and Sir Elton John. Presscott McDonald is a celebrity fashion photographer whose portfolio includes Kimora Lee Simmons (owner of fashion empire, Baby Phat) and Hip Hop artists such as 50 Cent. Adela Holmes recently completed a cross-country trip for her new book, The Rebel and the Drive-By Shooter.

See the promo video of the artists’ works-in-progress.

Previewed The Life and Times of Satchel Tomain at the Funky Buddha Lounge in Boca Raton with several music videos and a live performance.

“Life Sucks,” a digitally enhanced photograph wins First Prize for Photography in Through the Eyes of Love, an exhibit honoring World AIDS Day.


2009 News

F**k the Fed screens in three film festivals and wins music video awards from the Delray Beach Film Festival and the Palm Beach International Film Festival.

“We’re All Gonna be There (When She Dies)” [Now It’s Personal CD] gets high praise in the Doing Dylan contest: “Epic piano setting – this guy knows how to write. If there’s any justice in this world we should hear Trisha Yearwood singing this most beautifully constructed song.”

“We’re All Gonna be There (When She Dies)” is also a finalist in the Unisong International Song Contest.

Songs for the New Revolution now on CD Baby and iTunes.

Solo Piano, Vol. I picked for Top 20 favorites on Now available on CD Baby and iTunes. Sheet music available at ...

New music videos for “Take Out the Trash” (non-partisan political) and “On the Backs of the Few” (a tribute to freedom fighters), and “Ask Your Doctor” (a spoof on drug ads) now on YouTube.

DVD of Neal’s one-man show, Pigeonholes, available on

Live performance at the Florida landmark bar, Tobacco Road, in support of Everglades Awareness

“It Doesn’t Have to be This Way” [Pigeonholes CD], selected for Pete Seeger tribute compilation CD.