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The Good In Us

Some say racism is in our DNA.
I believe they are blind to the good in us.

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The Good In Us

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17 Song Award-winning Soundtrack

Hotel del Swell

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Thank You, Dan Rather

One-Man Show Soundtrack

Meat Street

Double CD Soundtrack of the Musical


Neal Fox Solo Piano: Vol. 1

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New Music Coming Soon


Now you can see the Conspiracy Project For FREE!

“ An eye-opening musical documentary on the global conspiracy .”
— Oaxaca FilmFest

"If George Carlin wrote songs..."
— R. Martinelli, Director

“This man just created the mold, broke it and then made you clap while you watched him do it.”
— Del Weston, Action on Film International Film Festival

“Every conspiracy is fair game in the brilliantly composed and wildly edited musical shock doc by Neal Fox.”
— Eric Raddatz, Dir., Fort Myers Film Festival

“The heart and soul of the Liberty Movement.”
— Gigi Bowman, NY Senatorial Candidate

“You’re totally awake and it’s a great project to wake other people up.”
— David Knight, The Alex Jones INFOWARS Show

“This is how we change the culture, and begin to get people talking and thinking about true freedom again…”
— Brian McKinney, Sr. Ed., Writer/Reviewer, Music Insider magazine

“His style is original, with catchy lyrics and some songs like  “Fuck the Fed” and “They’re Lying” certainly hit the mark of being hilarious political satire but also potent anti-establishment themes.”
— Mark Schwab, Diamond in the Rough Films