You Have the Right

I've done many videos and music videos over the years, but I have to say this is the most important music video I've ever done.

What can be more important than human rights? If enough people were aware of their rights, if enough people knew that governments don't give you these rights, but that they are yours because you exist, I think we'd go a long way toward ending war and having peace on earth.

I intentionally made this film all animation. I think people need to start learning about their rights when they're young. Kids need to know them at an early age. It should be taught in the schools in every country of the world.

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Music really can change the world!


Got Choir?

I'm creating a choral arrangement of "You Have The Right" which I will bundle with backing tracks. Great for churches, human rights groups, any choir looking for something to sing that has the good of all humanity in mind.

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You Have The Right

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