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Recording Magazine

"While listening to 'A Message From Shanghai', we actually forget that this was one person doing it all. Neal wears all of the hats here, and he does a damn fine job of it too! An excellent blueprint for the majority of us in the same situation". — Marty Peters; RECORDING MAGAZINE

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"I enjoy songs like 'A Message From Shanghai.' The chord changes are interesting and somewhat unusual for pop songs, if fairly straight ahead for progressive rock. The atmospheric textures—especially the Asian-influenced sounds—are worth repeated listening."

—Dave Martin; Recording Magazine

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Indie Shark—Pick of the Week, Catch of the Month, Album of the Year Nominee

“With a strutting groove to set the tempo, Neal Fox explores a chillwave-style beat with extra melodic moxie in the title track of his new album Unhinged…making it clear in this song’s first sixty-seconds what kind of a carnival thrill ride we’re in for in this LP.”

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Michael Rand, Mob Angeles

Neal Fox’s New Album “Unhinged”

“While it might not be the traditional time to drop an ambitious pop effort like this one, there’s nothing familiar about what Neal Fox is embarking on right now – the journey is his and his alone, and we’re merely along for the ride.”

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Chadwick Easton, Melody Maker Magazine

“Unhinged” by Neal Fox

“…if there’s one player worth keeping an eye on among soloists in the underground right now, it should be Neal Fox, no questions asked.”

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Claire Uebelacker, Ballyhoo Magazine

Neal Fox Releases “Unhinged” LP

“Fox doesn’t care what anyone else in the pop genre is doing – he’s determined to carve out his own path in these ten songs, and whether you go for alternative songwriting usually or not, I think Unhinged is a record you need to hear for yourself to really understand and fall in love with it.”

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RJ Frometa, Vents Magazine

CD REVIEW: Unhinged by the Talented Mr. Neal Fox

Unhinged is fearlessly rebellious, taking indulgent influences from progressive rock and synthpop and melding them with traditional folk harmonies in the likes of “Truth Matters,” “After the Great Reset,” and the stirring “You Have the Right,” each of which feels a little harder to categorize with convention.”

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Rachel Townsend, The Spotted Cat Magazine

Neal Fox is “Unhinged”

“Neal Fox’s time in the underground has spanned nearly a quarter-century, but I don’t think you need to be a longtime listener to really appreciate the maverick mentality he brought with him into the creation of Unhinged this year.”

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Garth Thomas, The Hollywood Digest

Neal Fox Releases 10th Album

Unhinged is a passion project that has the focus of a proper debut album, and one sourced from an artist who deserves the title of legend.”

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Troy Johnstone, Official Fame Magazine

Neal Fox Releases “Unhinged”

“…I don’t know that any melody lover can afford to miss out on what Unhinged is built upon. It’s one of a kind, and so is the man responsible for bringing it to life for us this season.”

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Mindy McCall, Indie Pulse Music

Neal Fox’s new Album “Unhinged”

“…nothing is off-limits for Fox lyrically because he has the ability to venture places with his sound that other poets wouldn’t be able to.”

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Christian Toto, Hollywood in Toto, October 15, 2021

Why Neal Fox Won’t Stay Silent on Marxism Gone Wild

“The singer-songwriter's 'Unhinged' is the protest album we need more than ever”

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About Neal Fox

“…a rueful Randy Newman eccentric…equally at home in blues, rock, pop and jazz motifs…
Fox’s lyrics are a solid plus. They often flash with wry wit, an all too infrequent phenomenon on the rock scene.”

“Fox is a veteran tunesmith and jingle/theme composer with the ability to conjure virtually any style of recording in the pop music realm.”

“A stupendous songwriter.”


“A great work with great influences.”
—Wayne Nelson, Little River Band

Very, very hip! Well constructed vocal harmonies and squeaky tight musicianship, this accomplished songwriter has created a "Gem"!

HiPOCRACY immediately displays his cutting edge as a lyricist while Killer in the Courtroom boasts a wonderfully eerie and sinister feel…”
—Mike Gibb, Masquerade

Fox’s slickly produced Lite AOR Rock mixes social commentary with a furlong of influences. He has listened hard to such older, sensitive rockers as Don Henley and Paul Simon but there is some grizzled Randy Newman in here for the cynics at the bar.
—Nick Dedina,

Neal Fox’s “HiPOCRACY” opens with an a cappella verse that recalls Manhattan Transfer, then grinds into a rap interlude that builds into a slick Steely Dan-like pop chorus.

Pigeonholes: (One-Man Multimedia Show/CD)

“Really inventive, amusing, heartfelt, and filled with gems of social commentary and human/humane awareness. Bravo!”
—Pat Launer, Theater Critic/Arts Writer

“A dynamic 90-minute musical production that incorporates caustic humor, social commentary, satire, and heartbreaking truths. The musical styles are all over the map, underscoring Fox’s reputation for being extraordinarily eclectic...
—Kathy Parsons,

"Poignant, genuine...thought provoking entertainment."
—Micheal Sheehan, Independent Reviewer

“Fox delivers hooky melodies that in turn thrill you and then break your heart.”
—The Entertainer

“Irreverent and wonderful!”
–Harriet Schock, platinum award winning songwriter

“You are one brilliant dude, dude.”
—David Pomeranz, platinum award winning songwriter

Pigeonholes, “comes from an eminently honest place.”
—San Diego CityBeat

"Pigeonholes is a damned fine album, populated by great tunes and wonderfully meaningful and tight lyrics. If you don't know the music of Neal Fox then it is time you did.”
—Mike Gibb, Masquerade


Meat Street (Double CD from Musical)

“...hard-rock, blues-rock...lovely ballads...lavishly produced...For a real musical theatre experience, exit Sunset Boulevard and take a spin down Meat Street.”
—Herbert C. Kroon, Host, Best of Broadway, KMSU-FM

“An exhilarating unexpected joy to musical theatre fans...”
—Stuart J. Brown, On Broadway, WRTC & WAPJ-FM

“...rock anthems...glorious pop ballads...witty, pithy and profound...crystal clear sound...But while all these facets are impressive it is the message that...allows it to stand out from the mass...”
—Mike Gibb, Masquerade

“ exciting new work... an intriguing score which remains interesting from start to finish... The performers are all first rate and the orchestral backing is superb...”
—David Thomas, Curtain Up

“Pointed lyrics...infectious pop-type melodies...appealing ballads...”


Hotel del Swell (CD)

"Next Bottle of Wine" absolutely stopped me in my tracks! That storyline is one of the most sublime pieces of imagery I've ever heard set to music.
—Marty Westlin, independent reviewer

 “Neal Fox’s remarkable instrumental prowess brings us neatly and seamlessly to Hotel del Swell…the various instrumental interludes…become more enjoyable and memorable with continued playing, thanks to a glorious, clear sound and imaginative arrangements.”
—Mike Gibb, Masquerade

Thank You, Dan Rather (One-man Show/CD)

“You get the feeling you are listening to a musical reincarnation of filmmaker Michael Moore – only this time presented by someone with an intelligent, musical endowment in tell-all mode. His musical slaps at the advertising and news-presenting industries are especially funny and revealing…
—Ron Levitt, Theatre Critic, The Huffington Post

“The result is Thank You, Dan Rather, a show that’s part Randy Newman, part an eccentric tentacle of off-Broadway, and mostly a must-see for anyone who’s ever loved (money) and lost (money).”
—Jamie Laughlin, New Times

“…irony-laden compositions of social outrage are tempered by his toe-tapping commercial melodies…Fox is indeed a talented guy with an eclectic songwriting range. No doubt he is a lot of fun at parties.”
—Hap Erstein, Theatre Writer, Palm Beach Post

“But nothing lasts forever, particularly in the world of advertising, and with this show Fox is trying to make lemonade out of the bitter experience…Fox has a pleasant tenor singing voice and a way with clever lyrics, and his anecdotes are quite amusing.”
—Skip Sheffield, Staff Writer, Boca Raton News

“A Tom Lehrer kind of musical revue, a mixture of satire and social commentary...his musicianship is solid...”
—Christine Dolen, Theatre Critic, Miami-Herald


Now It’s Personal (CD)

The dramatic, “Kashmire”-ish cadence of “Zero With a Gun” (about a school gunman) is edgy and alternative. Meanwhile, the ultra-melodic ballad, “We’re All Gonna Be There (When She Dies),” showcases a Billy Joel soundalike that is quite uncanny.

(“We’re All Gonna Be There When She Dies”) Epic piano setting—this guy knows how to write. If there’s any justice in this world we should hear Trisha Yearwood singing this most beautifully constructed song.
Doing Dylan Song contest

“Neal Fox continues to do what he's always done. Tell real stories about real life in musical packages that are pleasing to the ear and as varied as a Godiva sampler. Now It's Personal is a must own album, particularly for fans of singer/songwriters and adult contemporary rock. Don't pass this one by, folks.”
—Wildy’s World

(5 Stars) Neal has such a creative force that shines through his music and his lyrics. He is not afraid to say what needs to be said and does so in such elegant ways. Full of admiration.
— Suffolk 'n' Cool

(5 stars) “Is Anybody Home?" is one of the most Powerful songs heard this millennium.

“A description I rarely use: his music is timeless.”
—Chris, Local Vertical

Neal Fox has a real eclectic little vibe going on… grab Neal’s CD and feel like you’ve accomplished something today.”

The song ["Pray For Rain"] has the near impossible combination of sounding very organic yet polished.
—Indie Music Sampler

“Overall I found this album to be a pleasure to listen to from beginning to end. The 12 tracks on this album all fit together and transitions are smooth... If you are a fan of 60’s 70’s pop/rock or you are looking for music with a focus on social issues, then you should check out Neal Fox’s new album ‘Now Its Personal’.”
—Comfort Comes


The Conspiracy Project (Film/CD)

“ An eye-opening musical documentary on the global conspiracy .”
—Oaxaca FilmFest

“The Conspiracy Project is ground breaking in its information, entertainment value and passion. This man just created the mold, broke it and then made you clap while you watched him do it.”
—Del Weston, Action on Film International Film Festival

“You’re totally awake and it’s a great project to wake other people up.”
—David Knight, The Alex Jones INFOWARS Show

“You have many great talents and American needs
to find out about you and your extraordinarily
important message now!
… keep up the good work we need you.”
— Randy Swanson, Rhode Island Oath Keepers
State Chapter President

“Every conspiracy is fair game in the brilliantly composed and wildly edited musical shock doc by Neal Fox.”
— Eric Raddatz, Dir., Fort Myers Film Festival

“This is how we change the culture, and begin to get people talking and thinking about true freedom again…”
— Brian McKinney, Sr. Ed., Writer/Reviewer, Music Insider magazine

“The heart and soul of the Liberty Movement.”
— Gigi Bowman, NY Senatorial Candidate

“The film is an inspiration of what an artist can do.”
—Larry Jaffe, Poet

“A highly original and hard-hitting multimedia tour de force.”
—Randy Tobin, Theta Sound Studios

“His style is original, with catchy lyrics and some songs like  “Fuck the Fed” and “They’re Lying” certainly hit the mark of being hilarious political satire but also potent anti-establishment themes.”
—Mark Schwab, Diamond in the Rough Films