The Individual or the Group. Which is Superior?

There is a philosophy out now that some very well meaning people are being fooled into thinking is good for humanity.

It’s an old philosophy that has been proven to be very destructive of human rights, and yet is once again becoming popular. The rise in popularity, I feel, is due to the deliberate dumbing down of the population and the brainwashing of young minds through public education. The philosophy is called “Socialism.”

The mass media and the public schools are making it seem like socialism isn’t bad at all. It’s the answer to those big bad Capitalists who are ruining the planet. The only problem with that argument is that it’s the wrong target and the wrong solution. First you need to identify the problem correctly. The mega-corporation and banks that are ruining the world are not Capitalists at all. They hate competition. They want to abolish free enterprise. So the enemy is not Capitalism. It’s Corporatism. It’s the Global Elite who are taking away our freedoms and right to live the way we like.

Touting Socialism as the answer – because it’s somehow good for the people – is actually favoring a system where there are only two groups. The Elite and everyone else at the bottom. No more middle class. No more working one’s way up the latter. But this is not a treatise on Socialism. You can find that elsewhere. My main point about bringing up Socialism here is that it’s a Collectivist philosophy. Just like Marxism, Fascism and Communism, they all seek to make the group superior to the individual by claiming they are good for the individual. They are anything but. Does the word “Borg” come to mind?

G. Edward Griffin put it this way: The group is an artificial entity. Groups can not exist without individuals. Individuals can exist without groups. The individual is supreme. When you take a collectivist philosophy you are saying the group is more important than the individual. Sounds good. The group needs to survive! Sure, but when the group is above the individual, individual liberty goes down the toilet. This is a universal law. Check history.

So when you see people ignoring the fact that Socialism is taking over our country, remember one thing. You are looking at a person who has been dumbed down and manipulated. You are looking at a person who doesn’t know history. You’re looking at a person who sees no difference between opinion and fact.

Sure, they may have good motives, but that doesn’t change the outcome.

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