I’m starting 2018 off with a my first new release in 3 years!

That’s right! I just spent the last 4 months animating a music video for my new song, “You Have The Right.” And as of this date it’s already an Official Selection in several film festivals.

It’s a song about human rights. If we want to put a stop to war, a good place to start is by everyone knowing what their rights are. Especially kids. We need schools to start teaching them when they’re young. They need to grow up expecting – demanding their rights.

That’s why I made this music video all animation. It’s kid friendly. In fact, I got one email from a mother who told me about her four year old daughter who keeps asking her to play it again. Smart kid!

This is also a good song for choirs to perform. So I’m creating a choir arrangement and will be making it available along with backing tracks so that any church or other organization that wants to perform it can do so easily.

Here’s the link to the music vid. Have at it! And if you like it, please “like” it, subscribe to my channel and share the hell out of it. It’s important.


“You Have The Right”

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