Meat Street – Soundtrack Double CD


Includes a 24-page booklet with synopsis and full lyrics.

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“An exhilarating score, an unexpected joy to musical theatre fans.”

—Stuart J. Brown, On Broadway, WRTC


Limited quantity.

Rocky Horror meets Cuckoo’s Nest.

“Pointed lyrics, infectious pop-type melodies, appealing ballads.”

“Rock anthems, glorious pop ballads, witty, pithy and profound…But while all these facets are impressive it is the message that allows it to stand out from the mass.”
—Mike Gibb, Masquerade

“Hard-rock, blues-rock, lovely ballads, lavishly produced…For a real musical theatre experience, exit Sunset Boulevard and take a spin down Meat Street.”
—Herbert C. Kroon, Best of Broadway, KMSU-FM

“An exciting new work…an intriguing score which remains interesting from start to finish. The performers are all first rate and the orchestral backing is superb.”
—David Thomas, Curtain Up