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The Conspiracy Project Soundtrack and FREE BOOK – *SPECIAL OFFER*


Get this 17 song award-winning soundtrack, and for a limited time you can get a copy of Neal’s book exposing the dirty little secrets of the mental health industry – FOR FREE! Yes! Absolutely nothing!!

A $5 value! (Enough exclamation points for ya?) 😂

The complete soundtrack to Neal’s film, “The Conspiracy Project.”
17 songs for only $9.99.


17 songs in the highest MP3 quality there is. Plus Neal’s book, “News From Meat Street,” for FREE!

“The Conspiracy Project is ground breaking in its information, entertainment value and passion.
This man just created the mold, broke it and then made you clap while you watched him do it.”
—Del Weston, Action on Film International Film Festival

“…it’s genius and an incomparable work of MFing ART!!
You totally inspire me! Your work is amazing, on point, relative and I want to THANK YOU for having super creative life force and BALLS about the size of TEXAS!


Winner: Best Score
1st Runner Up: Best Documentary – Political


1. Best Editing – Documentary
2. Best Score – Feature
3. Best Director – Documentary
4. Best Director – Documentary Political
5. Best Documentary – Political
6. Best Title Sequence and Graphics
7. Best Soundtrack – Feature

Orlando Film Festival
Nominated for Social Issues

CENFLO Film Festival
Finalist: Best Documentary

IndieFest Film Festival
Award of Merit

And many more.

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