Now It’s Personal – CD


12 Song CD with Lyric Booklet

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“Edgy and alternative…a Billy Joel soundalike that is quite uncanny.”

—Music Connection Magazine


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“The dramatic, ‘Kashmire’-ish cadence of ‘Zero With a Gun’ (about a school gunman) is edgy and alternative. Meanwhile, the ultra-melodic ballad, “We’re All Gonna Be There (When She Dies),” showcases a Billy Joel soundalike that is quite uncanny.

“Neal Fox has a real eclectic little vibe going on…grab Neal’s CD and feel like you’ve accomplished something today.”

[“We’re All Gonna Be There When She Dies”] “Epic piano setting—this guy knows how to write. If there’s any justice in this world we should hear Trisha Yearwood singing this most beautifully constructed song.”
— Doing Dylan Song Contest

“Now It’s Personal is a must own album, particularly for fans of singer/songwriters and adult contemporary rock. Don’t pass this one by, folks.”
—Wildy’s World

“Neal has such a creative force that shines through his music and his lyrics. He is not afraid to say what needs to be said and does so in such elegant ways. Full of admiration.”
— Suffolk ‘n’ Cool

“’Is Anybody Home?’ is one of the most Powerful songs heard this millennium.”

“A description I rarely use: his music is timeless.”
—Chris, Local Vertical

“The song [“Pray For Rain”] has the near impossible combination of sounding very organic yet polished.”
—Indie Music Sampler

“Overall I found this album to be a pleasure to listen to from beginning to end…. If you are a fan of 60’s 70’s pop/rock or you are looking for music with a focus on social issues, then you should check out Neal Fox’s new album ‘Now Its Personal’.”
—Comfort Comes

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