Hello, Yourself

Hello and welcome to my new website – The Real Neal Fox.

Why is it “The Real Neal Fox”? Well, NEALFOX.COM was taken by some guy who never put up a site. And after I Googled my name I found some guy in England who, for some odd reason, decided to call himself Neal Fox even though I had the name years before he did.

I’m into art, music, performance, video… Really, anything that’s creative. I’m also very opinionated. I love creative people. I love people who love creative people. I hate anything that takes away human rights and liberty. If your philosophy will create a cookie-cutter environment where everyone has to stay in line… You’ve got me to contend with.

I’m not afraid to speak out. But that doesn’t mean I do away with basic manners and respect for others. So on this blog, anything goes. Except hate speech, and downright evilness. That leaves a lot to talk about and I hope I’m not the only one talking. I’ll get it rolling. You’re welcome to comment, disagree, or whatever, as long as it’s within the limits as outlined above.

I hope you like the site and the things I create. I never stick to one style for too long. (I certainly wouldn’t want to become successful.) From time to time I’ll be giving away some free stuff. But I hope you find it in your heart to support this totally Indie artist. I’m doing my best to keep the studio crankin’



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