The CONSPIRACY Project – Phase 1 Done!
2 and 1/2 Years in the Making!
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   The CONSPIRACY Project is a revolutionary project containing music, art, video, live performance and a graphic novel.The goal is to use many forms of art to get the word out to people who wouldn’t ordinarily read books or watch documentaries about these very important subjects.It’s taken a year to finish the music (well over an hour’s worth) and it will take another year to finish the videos, art and graphic novel. But rather than have everyone wait till it’s complete, we decided to release three of the songs as an EP.TITLES:
1. How The Game Works
2. Two Planes – Three Buildings
3. What They Gonna Do To YouThe EP is available on iTunes, Amazon,and CD Baby.
If you’d like to help us continue with this project, check out the blog here.

It’s Weird to Grow a Beard
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